VideoMining CMA Article: Putting the Shopper at the center of Category Management

Now, more than ever, the retail category management community must embrace the evolved approaches of CatMan 2.0 to develop strategies and tactics that engage shoppers at the shelf and respond to the complexity of today’s retail environment. But first, they must address the data gap that exists for in-store behaviors and uncover the next gen insights that will make CatMan 2.0 truly game changing.

To truly achieve the goal of meeting shopper needs, the category management discipline must now strive to understand the details of shopper behavior throughout the entire in-store journey. Fortunately, advancements in IoT sensing and machine learning are now enabling a new realm of In-store Behavior Analytics—providing access to previously unmeasured metrics.

Using national multi-retailer store panels, VideoMining is able to provide detailed analytics that help both retailers and manufacturers put the shopper at the center of key decisions and processes.

The beauty of the VideoMining approach is that all tracking is done anonymously and unobtrusively. Unlike interviews, surveys, shop-a-longs or other methods that involve researcher interaction or self-reporting their behavior and preferences, VideoMining is able to track and measure shoppers without altering their behavior in any way. This advancement is critical to gaining accurate insights.

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