Client Success Stories

VideoMining has helped dozens of CPG manufacturers and retailers to optimize their in-store strategies and execution. The following examples detail how our in-store behavior analytics have empowered change and driven measurable results.


Optimizing by trip types and demographics

Channel: Grocery and Convenience
Project Scope: Syndicated Reports and Custom Testing (Merchandising and Layouts)

Synopsis: Pepsi was able to develop new model store concepts and display approaches based on VideoMining’s shopper data in grocery and convenience. 

“I am a big believer in VideoMining’s methodology and technology.”

-Kent Bassett

Senior Director of Shopper and Channel Insights
PepsiCo North America Beverages


Digging deeper into C-store Foodservice

Channel: Convenience
Project Scope: C-Store ShopperImpact – Foodservice Deep Dive

Synopsis: Tyson Foods worked with VideoMining to get insights on Foodservice in C-Stores – implementing changes in both location and assortment.

“Being simple people, there’s only one thing we want to happen: Having the retailer sell more stuff. So shopper dynamics are important.”

-Eric LeBlanc

Vice President of Marketing for Deli and Convenience Stores

Harnessing need state driven merchandising

Channel: Convenience
Project Scope: C-Store ShopperImpact – Deep Dive

Synopsis: VideoMining demonstrated areas of high and low traffic throughout the store by daypart, giving the candy giant reason to change candy location placement in convenience.

“We said, ‘Okay, let’s take all the people who bought and all the people who didn’t buy and look at every measure.’ When we did that, we found that day parts showed us some really different patterns of behavior.”

-Susan LaPointe

Director of Shopper Insights

Understanding endcap redesign to increase conversion and cross-purchase

Channel: Grocery
Project Scope: Cross-Store Comparison; Display analysis

Synopsis: Benchmarking frozen food display shopping across grocery stores provided Heinz with the ammunition needed to redesign department endcaps.

“VideoMining data gives us some ammunition to go out and really think a little bit differently about how to merchandise a category.”

-Chris Shaw

Group Leader, Category Business Planning


Leveraging Cold box displays to 'Energize' sales

Channel: Grocery
Project Scope: Grocery ShopperImpact – Deep Dive and Custom Research

Synopsis: Red Bull worked with VideoMining to dig deeper into the 3.5 million grocery trips captured during the Grocery MegaStudy program to understand the impact of inline cold box displays on energy drinks performance.

“VideoMining enabled us to measure traffic; shoppers; buyers; and ultimately revenue from each monitored section.”

-Laura-Lynn Freck

Shopper Insights Manager
Red Bull North America

Quantifying the performance of multiple display designs

Channel: Grocery
Project Scope: Custom testing within Frito-Lay’s Smartlab

Synopsis: Frito Lay incorporated VideoMining’s in-store behavior measurement technology in its Real-World Learning Labs to get a better understanding of shopper traffic and engagement.

“VideoMining could quantify all of the shopping. Heatmaps showed where shoppers were spending more time. It really helped us understand which merchandising worked and which did not.”

-Rob Clancy

Group Mgr of Consumer Strategy & Insights
Frito-Lay North America


Maximizing store space for increased performance

Channel: Convenience
Project Scope: C-Store ShopperImpact, Industry Benchmarking

Synopsis: VideoMining’s work is influencing retailers as well. The ampm chain relied on VideoMining’s insights in convenience to improve store layouts and product assortments.

“VideoMining gave us something to think about in planning — both store layout and design. We have sales, but this told us which people walked over and didn’t purchase versus the people who did.”

-Michael Burkenbine

Marketing Programs Specialist

Evaluating category organization concepts

Channel: Grocery
Project Scope: Category Deep Dive (Bread); Aisle Dynamics

Synopsis: Sara Lee’s bread division received external industry acclaim for its work with VideoMining on aisle flow in grocery.

“VideoMining was instrumental in helping Sara Lee catapult into the top 10 for Shopper Insights and Category Management.”

-Kyle Reynolds

Director of Category Leadership & Insights
Sara Lee