Membership Has Its Benefits: My Experiences as a Warehouse Club Shopper

To follow-up on my earlier entry about Dollar Stores, I’d like to talk a little about another channel that VideoMining has recently investigated, Warehouse Clubs. The best way to do this is to share a recent experience I had that showed me how much more I’m like other shoppers than I would like to admit.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of accompanying my wife on a trip to our local Warehouse Club. While my visits to other stores are generally very limited (only in the case of emergencies, like when my wife is sick or out-of-town), I actually enjoy going to club stores because not only can you find everything from appliances to grocery items, it’s also a great place to refill our prescriptions and I can try to eat myself around the store by trying all the available samples.

Our visit to the store was prompted by the need to get a few household items, like paper towels and napkins. But by the time we left the store, I had 14 items in my cart (including some fresh fruit and meat) with a total cost of more than $150. After navigating the checkout lanes and paying for my purchases (never an easy task), I then had to figure out how to get everything to my car, and how to put everything in the trunk of our car (also not easy tasks).

While I could share more details about my day shopping, the point I want to make is that my behaviors are right in line with the data VideoMining has collected in our new Warehouse Club Shopper Insights (WSI) Report. According to our research:

  • 92% of all shoppers plan their club store visits
  • The primary trip driver was to get routine household items
  • Average market basket includes 15 items
  • Average spend ≈ $150

In addition to details about the behaviors and attitudes of shoppers in these stores, the report also dives deep into pre-store planning and the complete path-to-purchase of these individuals. Additionally, because we know that behaviors and attitudes can vary greatly by chain and type of membership, our report also breaks out our data for each of the key retailers and membership levels.

We’d love to hear about your experiences in or thoughts about Warehouse Clubs, so please feel free to contact us through this website or through any of our social media outlets, linked in the footer at the bottom of this page. Also, make sure to check out our WSI At-A-Glance infographic featuring some highlights from our recent study. It’s just a taste of what the full report has to offer, but there are some incredibly interesting facts in here, including information about key channel trends and specific shopper behaviors.