WHITEPAPER: The Changing Landscape of Snacking

WHITEPAPER: The Changing Landscape of Snacking

As the world continues to change due to technology, people’s basic habits such as working, eating, relaxing and shopping also are changing.

More and more adults are finding it difficult to fit in full meals around their busy schedules, making snacking a popular alternative. Many adults snack multiple times a day instead of sitting down for the three traditional mealtimes.

However, because snacks are replacing meals, consumers are not satisfied with just traditional snack choices. Snacking has grown to encompass all kinds of new and innovative products that meet functional needs while incorporating craveable flavors.

As a result, consumers are interested in consuming all of their favorite products on the go, at work or as a quick bite. And as omnichannel blend becomes more and more prominent, there is increased competition between QSRs, c-stores and grocery stores to grab share of these new snacking dollars.

The increase in snacking occasions impacts nearly all food categories.

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